Garoda Resort

Kitesurf and Water Activities

Garoda Resort is located on Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve.

It is the perfect place where to pump your kite, launch it in the sky and ride the ocean, even if you have never tried.

Garoda Resort, in fact, collaborate with the best Kitesurf School of Kenyan Coast, JC KiteHouse, that will be glad to teach you how to enjoy the panorama of the beach from another perspective.

Kitesurf is not the only sport to do around. The reef of Watamu is the perfect place where to dive and discover the underwater life.

Do you like to fish? Come and sail the water in front of Watamu and enjoy a fantastic deep sea fishing day. The spot of Indian Ocean of Watamu is well known all-around the world as the perfect spot of sailfish and billfish in general.